15 fun things to do in Merida

Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada visto desde el Teleférico

15 fascinating experiences of Mérida

Enjoying an ice cream at Coromoto Ice Cream Parlor (Guinness Record)

Heladeria Coromoto in Mérida, Venezuela, is a treasure trove of flavors and creativity. From its modest beginnings in 1980 with just 12 flavors, it has evolved to offer over 900 options, ranging from the classic to the extravagant, such as smoked fish, garlic, and black beans, among others. In 2006, it achieved the Guinness Record for the largest variety of ice creams in a single location. Coromoto is not just an ice cream parlor but a destination for ice cream lovers and culinary explorers. Discover over 900 exotic flavors and delight your palate at Coromoto, the ice cream paradise of Mérida

15 lugares que debes visitar en Mérida
Heladeria Coromoto es uno de los iconos de Merida

Visit the incredible theme parks: "La Venezuela de Antier" and "Los Aleros".

In Mérida, Venezuela, the theme parks offer a charming journey into the past and nature. “La Venezuela de Antier” recreates colonial life with traditional houses, shops, and folkloric performances. Visitors enjoy carriage rides, typical delicacies, and immerse themselves in the colonial life of the country, experiencing how life was in bygone times.

On the other hand, “Los Aleros” transports visitors to the world of Andean villages with cobblestone streets and adobe houses. Here, local history comes to life with antique furniture and traditional activities. These theme parks are a window into the rich cultural heritage of Mérida, offering an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.

15 experiencias fascinantes de Mérida
Antique Cars of La Venezuela de Antier

Be enchanted at La Casa del Colibrí

In the mountains of Mérida, you’ll find the charming Casa del Colibrí. With its colonial architecture, lush gardens, and surrounded by abundant vegetation, it is a haven for nature lovers. Built with local wood and tiled roofs, it offers a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. From its balconies, you can admire a landscape of mist-covered mountains and gardens brimming with tropical flowers. But the most captivating feature is the constant presence of hummingbirds, dancing in the air with their bright colors and rapid wing beats. You can even feed them sweet water right from your hands.

15 lugares que debes visitar en Mérida
The Blue-tailed Hummingbird can be easily spotted at Casa del Colibrí.

Exploring La Laguna de Mucubají and its surroundings

La Laguna de Mucubají, a treasure of the Venezuelan Andes, envelops you in its natural beauty. At 3,575 meters above sea level, this lagoon with its crystal-clear waters reflects the blue sky and the snowy peaks surrounding it. According to legend, Mucubají is the home of an indigenous princess of the same name, whose lost love turned into these crystalline waters. Here, visitors can spot endemic birds and enjoy the unique climate. To reach it, take the road from Mérida towards Apartaderos, a picturesque Andean village, and in about an hour you will arrive at La Laguna de Mucubají.

The art of nature at La Laguna de Mucubají

Hiking to La Laguna Negra

La Laguna Negra, surrounded by majestic mountains, is located at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level, several kilometers from La Laguna de Mucubají. Its name comes from the deep color of its waters, fed by the mysterious accumulation of organic matter at the bottom. This place not only offers stunning natural beauty but is also steeped in local legends and interesting myths, with stories of mysterious sightings and extraordinary events. Getting to La Laguna Negra is an adventure in itself. You can hike from Apartaderos or use off-road vehicles.

The mysterious allure of Laguna Negra

Taking a bath in the thermal waters of La Musui

In the mountains of Mérida, you’ll find the serene La Musui Thermal Waters. This thermal paradise offers you a unique experience of relaxation and well-being amidst nature. The natural pools, surrounded by lush vegetation, invite you to enjoy their healing properties. To get to La Musui from Mérida, take the road towards the Páramo de La Culata, then continue towards Tabay and take the detour towards Mucuchíes. Follow this road until you reach Los Aleros, where you’ll find the trail that leads you directly to these charming thermal waters. The journey offers breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, and natural landscapes.

La Musui is located at an altitude of 3,700 meters above sea level.

Visiting the Chorros de Milla Zoo

The Chorros de Milla Zoo in Mérida, Venezuela, is a charming place where nature and wildlife converge. Located near the famous Milla waterfalls, this zoo offers visitors the opportunity to explore and learn about the local fauna. From playful spider monkeys to colorful birds and majestic felines, the zoo houses a variety of fascinating species. Visitors can enjoy wooded trails, observe animals in their natural habitats, and learn about the zoo’s conservation efforts, all within a tranquil and natural setting.

15 experiencias fascinantes de Mérida
Lush vegetation at Chorros de Milla

Paragliding in the Andes

The flight from La Aguada is the second highest in the Teleférico System. On optimal days, you can reach altitudes of up to 4,000 or 4,500 meters above sea level, allowing you to explore the majestic Sierra Nevada. With its favorable climate, it offers ideal flying conditions for most of the year. During the flight, you can admire the natural beauty: green valleys, winding rivers, and snowy peaks. It is a liberating experience, gliding through the air, feeling the breeze, and enjoying the freedom. La Aguada is known for being one of the best paragliding sites in Venezuela, attracting adventurers and nature lovers.

Paragliding flights last approximately 35-45 minutes and generally take place in the afternoon after 4 pm.

Exploring the Andean páramo until reaching Pico El Águila

Starting from Mérida, the journey to Pico El Águila is an exciting adventure that takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes in Venezuela. This route immerses you in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada National Park, home to an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

The journey begins with a drive through Mérida’s majestic mountain landscapes, with stops to admire views of the valley and the surrounding snowy peaks. In the páramo, you’ll be surrounded by frailejones, unique plants native to the region.

Reaching Pico El Águila, at over 4,000 meters above sea level, you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled views of the towering Andes.

The condor appears on this monument, which many mistake for an eagle.

Visiting the National Astronomical Observatory at Llano del Hato

The National Astronomical Observatory CIDA at Llano del Hato, Mérida, is a leading center for astronomical research and observation. Founded in 1975, it stands out for its study of the universe and the training of Venezuelan astronomers. Located at 3,600 meters above sea level in the Andean mountains, it offers optimal conditions for celestial observation with clear and stable skies. It boasts advanced telescopes and specialized laboratories for astronomy research. Additionally, guided tours are available. To get there, take the road towards Pico El Águila from Mérida, offering impressive views, with daytime temperatures around 15ºC, but dropping to around 2ºC at night.

15 experiencias fascinantes de Mérida
The observatory is located approximately 70 km from the city of Mérida and at an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level.

Being enchanted upon seeing a Mucuchíes Dog

The Mucuchíes Dog, a pride of Mérida, is a Venezuelan canine breed recognized for its bravery and loyalty. Originating from the Andes, this mountain dog is robust and adaptable to extreme climates. Its white and soft coat reflects the snow of the mountains where it traditionally worked as a shepherd and guardian. Today, its presence in Mérida serves as a living reminder of Venezuela’s history and tradition.

In Mérida, it is common to encounter the Mucuchíes Dog, especially in rural areas of the Andean mountains where they have been bred and used as herders and livestock guardians. They are also cherished in local homes and farms for their loyalty, courage, and adaptability to high mountain climates.

They are very similar to a Saint Bernard

Walking to Los Nevados

The Nevados de Mérida, majestic snow-capped peaks located in the Sierra Nevada of Venezuela, offer an impressive landscape. With heights exceeding 4,000 meters above sea level, these snow-capped mountains are home to glaciers, lagoons, and a diversity of flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy exciting mountain excursions, hiking among frailejones, and birdwatching endemic species. In winter, the landscape transforms into a white world of snow, offering opportunities for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. A must-visit destination for nature and adventure lovers.

A 14-kilometer trek to Los Nevados

Visiting the Mérida Cable Car

The Mérida Cable Car takes you to the heights of the Sierra Nevada National Park It is the highest and longest cable car in the world, offering admirable views as you ascend its 12.5 kilometers. From the tropical city of Mérida to the cold of the mountains. With four stations on its ascent, it starts in Barinitas, at 1,577 meters. Then, La Montaña (2,436 meters above sea level) offers a wide variety of dining options. At Loma Redonda (3,460 meters above sea level), immerse yourself in alpine vegetation and a cool climate ideal for hiking and photos. Finally, the Pico Espejo Station (4,765 meters above sea level) offers a spectacular view of the Andes, with the majestic Pico Bolívar in the background.

Mérida Cable Car with the Sierra Nevada National Park in the background

Going shopping at Mérida's Main Market

The Main Market of Mérida stands out with the essence of local life. Since its opening in the 19th century, this market has been the soul of the city, where aromas, colors, sounds, and traditions intertwine in a symphony of culture. Here, local farmers display their fresh and colorful vegetables, while artisans showcase their skills in weaving, ceramics, baskets, jewelry, toys, and home decorations. It’s a place where the flavors of the region come to life at every food stall, and where the population gathers to share stories and traditions.

The Main Market is an excellent option for browsing and strolling.

Observing the fascinating Andean Gallito de las rocas

The Andean Gallito de las Rocas, an emblematic Andean bird, offers a fascinating spectacle in Mérida. Its natural habitat, among the cloud forests of the region, is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Tourists seeking this unique experience can venture on guided excursions led by local experts, who will lead them through trails teeming with life and color. Amidst the lush vegetation, these beautiful orange and black birds can be spotted, known for their flamboyant courtship dances. This immersive experience in the Andean nature is a unique opportunity to admire the beauty and uniqueness of the Andean Cock-of-the-rock in its natural environment.

They are usually observed in groups of 10-20, deeply nestled in the foliage of the Andean Forest.