Angel Falls tour: Most frequently asked questions

Angel Falls and me, May 2022

Angel Falls tour: Most frequently asked questions

Thanks for your interest in reading this.
I get many questions every day about our tour to Angel Falls so I decided to write a blog post more related to the tour itself and there is nothing any better than a compilation of the most frequent questions I get all the time.  I love my job and always want my clients to be well informed about the Angel Falls Expedition, this post will ease my days and give an insider perspective to all readers. I will be updating it as often as I can with very fresh information and pictures, so if you check the date above you will see how recent it is. 
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Ben Rodriguez
Director & Founder Osprey Expeditions

"Do you have daily departures to Angel Falls?"

A. No, we don’t. Check all our departures here, we update it on a daily basis. Flights from Caracas depart only on Thursdays and Sundays. We mostly depart on Thursdays as that allow us to complete the experience in 4 days instead of 5. There are the different schedules: from Caracas to Canaima 830am / 1230pm   and 10:35am / 215pm from Canaima to Caracas. 
Flights can vary anytime so please take this only as a reference. We include flights in all our deals. You will probably not find them online.

"Ben, will you be our guide in the tour?

A. I would love to join you, but I must be  at the office all the time overseeing the organization of tours not just in the Angel Falls area but throughout Venezuela. I usually make about 4-5 trips a year to Canaima National Park. Upon your arrival, my guides will be there to greet you at Canaima Lagoon’s airport which is very small and you won’t have any trouble finding your way, as the terminal is only about 120 square meters, and everyone there is like one big family.  Pemon people are exceptionally warm and welcoming, some of the friendliest in Venezuela.   Our team is a lively, engaging group with much more expertise and enthusiasm than I have. You’ll thoroughly enjoy your time with them. I personally selected each member, and together, we’re building a solid reputation. I take great pride in their abilities, and you’ll soon understand why.

Angel Falls tours
We are a small company and we hire the most enthusiastic guides and crew.

How much does Angel Falls cost? What does it include?

A. All our expeditions include overnight in front of Angel Falls + Boat trip onto Canaima Lagoon + Visit to Hacha Falls and/or Sapo Falls.  See the options we can offer you here: 

4 days & 3 nights

US$ 675-775 Per person
  • Flight Caracas- Canaima National Park-Caracas
  • 2 night(s) in hammock
  • 1 night in bedroom at basic lodge
  • Meals as outlined in the itinerary (B,L,D)
  • English Speaking Local Guide


  • International air tickets to Venezuela. 
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Canaima National Park fee US$ 40
  • Transfers IN & OUT - Caracas Airport
  • Towels, laundry service, Internet, etc
  • Airport assistance in Caracas Airport

5 days & 4 nights

US$ 750-850 Per person
  • Flight Caracas- Canaima National Park-Caracas
  • 3 night(s) in hammock
  • 1 night in bedroom at basic lodge
  • Meals as outlined in the itinerary (B,L,D)
  • English Speaking Local Guide
  • Hike to Kuravaina Tepui or similar excursion
It is not only Angel Falls, it is the whole experience.

"What Should I bring to the tour? How many kilos are permitted on the flight/ on the boat? "

A.  Download our PDF with a detailed list of items to pack and bring along.    5 kilos as hand luggage + check-in bags 20 kilos are permitted in the flight. 

You can only have 10 kilos per person as luggage in the boat. We use small motorized canoes and we dont have plenty of space for big bags… and yes!  You can store it in a safe place before the expedition departs! 

Angel Falls
We always stop at natural location where our clients can enjoy to the max!

"I have a large luggage and I do not want to take it on the tour. Can you assist me with that?"

A. The most advisable approach would be to book a hotel near the airport that allows you to store your luggage while you are traveling. We can recommend Hotel Villa Playa Grande, which you can book through or directly with us.  Unfortunately, at this moment we are not offering luggage storage service. 

See more hotels in Caracas here

"Will I have internet access? "

A.  Very limited.  You will get access the afternoon before ending your tour. You can get an internet ticket for US$ 1=  30 mins. 
No sim cards work in Angel Falls area. 

"How big are your groups?"

A. Minimum 7 people, maximum 12 people.    Our groups have 1 Tour guide + 1 Boat Captain + 1 assistant. 

"Can I take a full day tour to Angel Falls from Caracas? "

A. No, you can’t do it in a day using a regular flight.  Probably if you pay for a charter we can make it happen but be ready to pay not less than US$ 3000. The distances are huge and there are not too many people willing to do it in 1 day.  

Our canoe on the Carrao river with Auyantepui views on the background. Picture by the great photographer and speaker Malte Clavin in May 2022.

When is the best season to go?

A. Well, nowadays, practically all year round.  “Dry Season” goes from December to April but please don’t take it like the falls will be dry or only stones…let’s better say “Less rain Days” as Canaima National Park gets water all year round.   I like those “dry” days, photography is better, you get bluer skies and many islands with different reddish hues and the colors seem to be totally unreal.  Also, for drone photography, no rain is the best.    From Middle of May until December we get a lot of rain but it is not like a sad rain in Europe, it is more like a shower in the jungle.  Either way will be fun and great. 

In the other side of Auyantepui you find Kavac which is a perfect place during "dry season".

"I do not wish to undertake the complete expedition; I simply want to take an overflight to Angel Falls and depart Venezuela.."

A. Presently, that is practically unfeasible as overflights depart exclusively from Laguna de Canaima, and flights from Caracas are available only twice a week. If you depart on a Thursday, the return trip is scheduled for Sunday. Alternatively, if you depart on Sunday, the return is planned for Thursday. Unless you have substantial financial resources, around US $4000-5000, there is no other viable option. The most viable approach would be to participate in the expedition first and then proceed with the overflight.

"Can I do Angel Falls in 2 or 3 days? I can see on the internet different companies doing shorter tours to the Falls."

A. Not really. The tours must be done in 4 or 5 days. The only one airline to Canaima National Park departs on Thursdays and Sundays. If you find others with shorter versions, they are surely displaying old information in old websites. We can do tours in 3 and even 2 days for groups of minimum 8 people travelling all together. If this is your case, please let us know.

Orinoco Delta
You will surey see Toucans and Macaws but Angel Falls expedition cannot be taken for Wildlife Observation. You must visit Orinoco Delta or Llanos.

"Can I do Angel Falls on my own? I am a very experienced traveler and never buy tours. I will get there, hire a couple of local guys and make it all the way to the base"

A. Probably not, however, You can try!  The only one thing is that they will ask for a minimum of 8 participants. They will also need time to buy gasoline, prepare the logistics, team, food, etc. etc.  At the end , you will pay for 8 people in the best scenario.  We understand travelers are also rebels but Angel Falls is the butter and bread of the locals in Canaima National Park, plus, the distances are huge and is not possible by foot, paddle canoe, bike, etc.   For this experience, believe or not, the best is to join a departure in order to save money, time, energy and headaches.  You can probably get there and find no departures in 2 weeks.  If you insist on trying, take a shot, we wish you a great experience. 

"I see different tours to Angel Falls in US$ 250-US$ 325, How come you charge double and even more? "

A. Please make sure you know the date when those websites were updated for the last time. We used to sell Angel Falls in 3 days departing and ending in Ciudad Bolivar for US$ 250- 425 during almost 15 years. Things change and you only fly from Caracas airport twice a week. The whole configuration of Angel Falls changed after COVID.  Feel free to contact those companies anytime and let us know what they say.  It was lot easier to sell expeditions with those rates.  Feel free to check other’s prices, at the end you will see that we are the most affordable – best value for your money option. 

A group of British clients pose with a Cessna 206 in 2003. For many years this was the most popular aircraft for Angel Falls visitors in Canaima National Park. There were about 10-20 of these landing every day and departing from Ciudad Bolivar. Different small companies, the economy of Canaima Lagoon had different dynamics, way different to now. Good old days! ​

"Where are we staying at? Can you show me pictures of the accommodation? "

A. Yes, of course !  Our tours does not include the super famous boutique lodges that you find on instagram. Since we are more focused on nature and adventure, we will be deep in Auyan Tepui area and all we can find are shelters in different locations like Angel Falls, Mayupa Savanna and Aonda Canyon. They are basic, clean, with exceptional locations and our clients love the experience. 

We spend only one night in bedrooms + private bathroom. You can also see pictures here. 

You don’t want hammocks as you need more comfort? no problem! Be ready to pay at least US$ 400-600 extra per person and yes! We can arrange it for you. 

"Why is your Angel Falls Expedition experience better than a full day tour with the famous instagram lodges?"

I don’t think our tour is better than theirs.  It is just different!       We give at least 2 different reasons.


These day tours are popular so everybody signs in mostly believing that overnight in front of Angel Falls is not possible.
Their clients also believe that it will be dangerous (spiders, jaguars, snakes, etc) and/or very uncomfortable as they will get wet, there will be no toilets, no showers, etc.
Most groups consist of a minimum of 20 and up to 50 people. You will find the crowds hiking up to the viewpoint of Angel Falls and the conversations with them can be quite interesting.
“We did not know it would be this tough for less than a day”. “This is a real challenge”. “Did you stay overnight here? I wish I had known better”. “When I get online I will have a talk with the person who sold me this full-day tour”. “How long more are we walking?” You also find tons of happy people, Angel Falls blows people’s minds.
Lodges are huge on Instagram especially. All influencers are booking them all the time, they seem to be the only one possible option in Canaima.

Our groups are of a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12.
Our clients are mostly nature lovers who are very well informed (with pictures, personable service, updated on a daily basis website, etc) about the conditions of this experience.
As we overnight there, we always reach the falls earlier than everyone and we always have a longer time to enjoy the view and the pool, we meet the “Full day tours” clients hiking up after we enjoyed nature by ourselves.


Full-day tours depart at 530am so wake up at 4.45-5.00 am for a coffee and you will have breakfast en route to the falls.
72 kilometers all the way up to Angel Falls by boat, which makes about 4-5 hours, 1 STOP
4 km hike, 60% flat + 40% steep (around 40 degrees) / 1h30mins up + 30mins- 1 Hour on the viewpoint + 1h15mins hiking back down
72 kilometers back to the lodge, 3 hours as you go with the current. Probably 1 STOP.
You will be back at the lodge by 630pm, half dead for sure!

On the way to Angel Falls, we include at least 3 different stops along the way at a local community, at a waterfall for a picnic and the river for swimming. We also do multiple stops for pictures.
72 kilometers all the way up to Angel Falls by boat, it takes us about 6-7 hours with all the stops.
4 km hike, 60% flat + 40% steep (around 40 degrees) / 1h30mins up + 2-3 hours on the viewpoint or more + 1h15mins down. We can offer you to stay at the shelter and not do the hike, you can stay relaxing there with a great view of Angel Falls, read a book, go to the river and enjoy nature. Be my guest if you want to do the hike.
We will enjoy the second night in front of Angel Falls, great views of the sunset, relaxation by the river and the best photo opportunities.

After spending the night front of Angel Falls we will have breakfast and ” hit the road” 72 kilometers back to Canaima Lagoon surroundings, 3 hours as you go with the current. We will stop at least once for a picnic or relaxation.

Oh! The morning in front of Angel Falls with the sunlight hitting its wall is just breathtaking. Probably the best pictures will be by 7 am.

My personal opinion about all lodges:
I personally think they are a great choice too, especially if you love comfort and you need to be online because of your job.
These lodges employ and give opportunities to Pemon people of Canaima lagoon and even other areas of the park.
They work hard, they have shaped up a different concept that I don’t personally like as I am very “old school” and find it more exciting to get deeper in nature than AC, Wifi and follow instagram trends.
I have always been a rebel, my clients are different to theirs so I make sure to offer them the most convenient experience.
99% of  clients are satisfied with the lodges service. 
I know the owners, managers and staff and I think they are very professional and always ready to give you a great experience. Lodges are taking high risks, not easy at all to run such a business in a remote area of Venezuela like Canaima National Park.  During COVID times, they struggled to maintain all their facilities with no clients, they truly survived.  Not easy to run a bussiness there, the amount of headaches is just insane! You need to be a super brain + very high emotional inteligence and play hard ball everyday. 

"Do your guides speak English?"

A. Yes, our tour guides do. Our Captain and his assistant only speak Spanish, they all are very experienced and enthusiastic.

Angel Falls tour
Angel Falls at 7am gets sunlinght on its walls and the colors are very unique.

"Do I need a COVID test to visit Angel Falls? "

A. Since June 1st 2023, no vaccines cards or PCR tests are required to visit Canaima National Park.     

Angel Falls tour most frequently asked questions
Since we spend plenty of time deep in the Auyan Tepui area, we will always have more opportunities to enjoy nature in stunning places like this!

"is there any Yellow Fever in the Angel Falls area? "

A. No yellow fever in the area of Canaima National Park.     

"Do you provide plastic for the luggage? I don't want my bags to get wet"

A. We cover all the bags and they never get. In the canoe, you must have a small bag for essentials like sun protection, a hat, a plastic bag for electronics, sunglasses, snacks, etc.

"Can I charge my camera, smartphone and electronic devices during the tour? "

A. Yes, you can. We will have an electricity generator from 6 pm until 9 pm. Make sure you bring your plug converter as we use 110V.

"Do you provide blankets for the overnight in hammocks? "

A. Yes, we do!   Bring thick socks and pants for the night, the temperature can go down to 14 celsius and probably it is going to rain. 

Angel Falls tour most frequently asked questions
Local house in Sabana de Mayupa!

"Is Venezuela dangerous? We read horrible stories about Venezuela"

I personally think my country Venezuela is still undergoing difficult circumstances but it is not as bad as it was during 2013-2019 when we were on the front pages of all the newspapers due to very negative reasons. Crime rate is reduced, it is a more friendly country for travelers nowadays, not ready for backpackers yet, I think it is just a matter of time, probably in 2024-2025 when things will look much better than now. If you are reading very negative news about Venezuela, please make sure you check the dates when they were issued.
We believe with common sense and signing up with an operator such as ourselves that we will take care of you every step of the way so you will be in good hands. Once one is out of the major cities and away from certain impoverished areas we are sure that you will feel very comfortable in our beautiful land. Generally speaking, our people are very friendly no matter what one may have heard to the contrary.

Read our blog post:  Is Venezuela a safe place to visit?   

River crossing before the trail to Angel Falls

"I plan to land in Caracas a few moments before the flight to Canaima departs. Can you please wait for me? "

A. Not at all. We don’t have control or any kind of influence over the airlines. You must be 2 hours before departure for the check-in. Attempting to do so will not be good at all, you are very likely to miss the flight and lose all the money. Better arrive the day before, spend the night by the airport and start your tour according to our plans.

"Can I connect with my international flight on the same day of arrival back from Canaima? "

A. Don’t take any chances, if there is bad weather the flight will be delayed and neither the airline nor us will take any responsibility or pay compensation for your international flight. Seriously!. Plan your trip on the day after arrival from Canaima.

"What type of boat do you use for the expedition? "

A. Wooden motorized canoe in the excursions with a 40/48/60 HP Yamaha engine.

Passengers disembark in Canaima landing strip

"How big are the airplanes to Canaima National Park from Caracas? "

A. Commercial flights from/to Caracas are in an Embraer 190 for 110 passengers.

"Can I rent a car and go to Angel Falls by myself? "

A. No way! You can only fly there! 

"Can I go by train? "

A. We don’t have such thing in Venezuela. You can only fly there! 

Canaima National Park does not offer highways and roads where you can easily drive to Angel Falls....luckily!
Angel Falls tours
Wey Tepuy as seen from Churum river

"Do you give any discounts for students? "

A. Not really, we don’t get any funding from NGO’s, Government, International Institutions, etc.  We don’t move massive groups, operations are certainly very complex and discounts are not possible in such conditions.  We can find ways to make it cheaper for clients.  Contact us! 

"Do you have a higher rate for foreign tourists and a lower one for Venezuelans? I have friends who cannot afford your tour. Can you give them a discount?"

A. Our prices are the same for foreigners or Venezuelans. Unfortunately, we cannot give discounts based on the venezuelan nationality condition.  We don’t get support from international or government institutions and we are a small company, we cannot afford that.  Probably if we keep growing in the future we will consider a special big discount for similar cases.   

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