Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Due Covid19 all programs to Angel Falls have changed!

Despite what you can still read in different websites or itineraries, there are ONLY flights departing from Caracas on Thursdays and Sundays every week.

If you are not vaccinated you must have a COVID test with Negative result (maximum 72 hours before your flight to Canaima National Park) issued by a laboratory with Venezuelan license.

New itineraries include return flights ONLY from Caracas and they look like this:

Angel Falls & Canaima National Park 4 days & 3 nights:

  • Departing on Thursday and returning on Sunday.
  • 1 night front of Angel Falls + 2 nights at standard lodge in Canaima Lagoon
  • Add 1 extra night by Canaima Lagoon to the program below!  

Angel Falls & Canaima National Park 5 days & 4 nights:

  • Departing on Sunday and returning on Thursday.
  • 1 night front of Angel Falls + 3 nights at standard lodge in Canaima Lagoon
  • Add 2 extra nights by Canaima Lagoon to the program below!  

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Click the icons to contact us!

Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world at 979m, is in the “bucket list” of every experienced traveler around the world.
Join a real expedition and experience the dense jungle, Tepuis, untouched nature and unique landscapes.
The most iconic landmark of Venezuela and One of the top destinations of South America, you cannot miss it!


Hacha and Golodrina with Kurun and Kusari tepuis on the background

Day 1. Canaima National Park

The Angel Falls are located deeply inside Canaima National Park. Your tour begins in the Canaima Lagoon area, from which you can see a group of four different cascades known as Hacha, Wadaima, Ucaima and Golondrina. 
After a tasty lunch at a local indigenous village you will be taken across the lagoon and walk along the pink sand banks and up, through the jungle to the majestic Sapo Falls. From this point and on, you may swim in the lake before walking up through the jungle and behind the falls while enjoying a great scenery through a powerful water curtain. Dinner at the camp before going to sleep (beds) to the sound of crickets. Feel free to walk in the Pemon Community and get to know a bit more about their culture.

Day 2. Angel Falls

After breakfast, you will walk through the jungle before taking a motorized canoe up Carrao and Churún rivers towards the spectacular Angel Falls. As you travel along the rivers for about 4 hours, you will have the time to take in the lush scenery and the fantastic Tepuys, you will enjoy a light picnic lunch afterwards. 
At Devil’s Canyon, you can see the falls cascading 1km down from the top of Auyántepuy and running all the way to Churún river. From here this point, you will walk up through the jungle for about an hour to the Laime viewpoint and then down to the rock pools near the base of the waterfall. If you get lucky, you may swim in the freshwater of Angel Falls. Have a good sleep in our comfortable hammocks front of the tallest fall in the world, if you have not experienced sleeping in hammocks, your tour guide will show how to get a perfect sleep as local Pemons do.

Angel Falls tours
The views are simply stunning

Among Top 7 experiences of south america

It seems like you are interested in one of the most interesting experiences of Venezuela, a must do in South America.
We recently hit 20 years in business and Angel Falls is our flagship experience. Our tours are very "Old School" we dont do those boring "gringo trail" that you nowadays find in instagram, we go deeper in nature and give very dynamic experiences to our clients.
Our tours go from US$ 675 per person, 4 days & 3 nights including the flights. You probably still find it in US$ 350 per person in other websites but surely those companies are out of bussiness during and after COVID 19. All our departures are on Thursdays and Sundays and we make 1 group per month. I personally reply all emails and whatsapp messages so feel free to reach me now.
Are you in?

Ben Rodriguez
Angel Falls
Our group taking a refreshing bath in the Churun river with Angel Falls on the distance

Day 3. Back to Canaima Lagoon

After breakfast and coffee at the camp, enjoy the spectacular views of the falls with the sun light hitting the walls of Auyan Tepui.   You will travel back down the river to the first camp. Lunch en route to Canaima Lagoon. You will do the same journey back to the lagoon. Dinner included.

Day 4. Return to Caracas

After breakfast and coffee at the camp you have a few hours free in Canaima Lagoon village before your final flight over the jungle to Caracas. No dinner included. End of service.

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Best time of the Year:  May  -November
January is dry season and we may not be able to reach the bottom of Angel Falls
March and April are mainly dry and tours are different.  
May is usually the beginning of the rainy season.
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Angel Falls 
Suitable for people of most ages who have a basic fitness level. Elevation gain of less than 800 meters.

Wooden motorized canoe in the excursions with a 48 HP Yamaha engine. 

Commercial flights from / to Caracas are in an Embraer 190 for 120 passengers.  

Departures only on Thursdays and Sundays. 
Different schedules:  830am / 1030am / 1230pm
We include flights in all our deals. You will not find them online. 
5 kilos as hand luggage + check in bags 20 kilos 

Flights can vary anytime so please take this only as a reference. 

Flight over Angel Falls  by helicopter
Only to be arranged and paid in Canaima lagoon.
Minimum of 4 passengers per flight. The whole flight costs from US$ 1900 to US$ 2200.
About 1 hour or more flight. Please take these rates as a reference, they can fluctuate anytime.  

Our clients always ask/ we answer: 

Is the helicopter tour worthy? 
A. Yes! It is a lifetime experience. 
Why is the helicopter tour so expensive? 
A.  Canaima National Park is a remote place. Venezuela is still going under some difficulties and fuel can be a big issue plus they have no competitors / not too many pilots available (they all fled overseas during our crisis) , etc, etc. 
Can you include it in the tour? 
A. Yes! 
I am traveling alone! I don’t want to pay for the full helicopter. What can I do? 
A. Get to Canaima, ask our guide and he will do his best to find others. Once the group is completed you can split expenses. We will do our best to help. 

Well selected tourist category hotels in between all destinations.
Angel Falls: Rustic / Hammock front of the falls.
Canaima Lagoon:  standard lodge with private bathroom and beds. 



  • Accommodation
    2 night(s) in Lodge / 1 night shelter camp with hammock


    Travel by Private vehicles, foot, boat, Flights x 2


    As outlined in the itinerary (B,L,D)

    Excursions & Activities
    Angel Falls River Expeditions+ Canaima Lagoon + Sapo Falls and/or Hacha Falls
    + All Transfers IN & OUT

  • Gratuities
    International air tickets to the gateways of Canaima
    Travel insurance (mandatory)
    Alcoholic and soft drinks
    Spending money – budget for meals, snacks, drinks,
    limited souvenirs, laundry, tips and any extras

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