Can I take my drone to Venezuela?

Venezuela is a paradise for droning

Yes, you can! But please read this before!

Visiting Venezuela soon and dreaming of flying your drone? 
This is all we know about registering a drone in Venezuela! 
To bring a drone to Venezuela, you need to register it with INAC.

If you don’t do this, it’s likely that airport authorities will hold it when you arrive. They will give you a document stating that they have retained your equipment and will return it when you leave the country.
Click below, create your user, and complete the registration. The page is in Spanish, but if you translate it with Google, it’s easy.

You will receive a document with a QR code, and with that, you’re ready to go! It’s simple.
Can I take my drone to Venezuela?
The QR document looks like this!
Sometimes the page may fail, and if that happens, we’re not sure what to advise. 
We don’t have contacts in that institution, nor can we assist you in calling, contacting, or visiting them. Sorry for not being able to be more helpful.