Caracas Tours

Caracas City Tour

In this approximately 5-6 hour stroll, we will have a brief visit to the city center, Simón Bolívar’s house, Bolívar Square, Caracas Cathedral, Municipal Council, National Pantheon, where the body of our liberator Simón Bolívar rests in an impressive building constructed in 1870.

We will visit the Mausoleum of Hugo Chavez, who ruled Venezuela for 15 years and whose remains are in one of the most important neighborhoods in Caracas, 23 de Enero. Here, it’s also very possible to see children practicing baseball, which is Venezuela’s national sport, with many stars playing at the highest level in the Major League Baseball.

We will enjoy street art on the murals of Caracas, depicting many episodes of our history and identity, present throughout the city. It’s a walking tour that allows us to explore and see Caracas with a bit of depth, learn a bit about history, and understand the reality of Venezuela today.

This walking tour can be approximately 9 kilometers, so we recommend going light and wearing comfortable shoes.

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Macaws of Caracas

Caracas is already famous worldwide for being the Capital City of the Macaws. On this 1-2 hours excursion we will take you to some to the best spots to observe the Blue and Yellow and Chesnut fronted MacawsYellow Crowned and Orange winged parrots.  
This tour is perfect early in the  morning and or late in the afternoon. We will be happy not only to show you these fascinating and colorful birds but also a few interesting sites of Caracas

Read the BBC article about the Macaws of Caracas here

San Agustin

This 2 hours experience takes us to explore one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Caracas, which involves culture every day in every space through murals, theater, and music. The journey takes us to the upper part of San Agustin on a cable car, and from there, we descend on foot through its very photogenic alleys filled with the realities of the families living there. We are impressed by the daring engineering of houses that do not explain how they stand on their own and by the many friendly people we encounter along the way.

We will conclude this walk with some drinks at a local bar while watching children play basketball surrounded by colorful murals enriched with stories.

Caracas Cable Car

The cable car system extends from the Mariperez station at the northern edge of the city to the summit of Waraira Repano mountain. The 3.4km journey typically takes between 12 and 15 minutes. At the summit, you’ll discover amenities such as a skating rink, rock-climbing wall, children’s playground, souvenir shops, a few snack stands, and the dormant 14-story Hotel Humboldt. On clear days, you can enjoy fabulous views of both Caracas and the coastal mountains leading to the Caribbean Sea. It’s advisable to bring a light sweater or windbreaker, as it can get chilly at the top.

This is a 1-2 hour activity.

Waraira Repano & Beach

Experience the extraordinary with our Beach & Mountain full-day tour.
Our journey begins with a drive to Playa Coral beach, where you can spend approximately 5 hours relaxing and relishing a locally prepared lunch. By 2 pm, we will embark on our exploration of Waraira Repano National Park, driving a 4×4 vehicle to access stunning coastal views. Following a refreshing swim in a waterfall and natural pool, we will visit the abandoned El Liron cable car station, offering insights into the history of the 1950s cable car system. Capture unforgettable moments with photographs, culminating in an elevated view of Caracas city. This comprehensive experience spans approximately 8 hours.

Caracas tours

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