Colombia Discovery

This 14 days experience takes you to a verdant paradise, with unspoiled Caribbean beaches, cryptic archeological ruins, fantastic nature reserves and charming coffee farms. 

This is the perfect itinerary if you want to discover the cultural, natural and historical wonders of this captivating country, with adventurous activities and a blissful beach stay along the way.


Angel Falls

Day 1. Arrival to Bogota, Colombia.

Airport pick up and overnight atncentrally located hotel. (No meals)

Day 2. Bogota

We begin our second day with a fueling breakfast at the hotel, then we’re off to enjoy a tour of the city, starting with a ride on the world-famous Bogota cable car. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the city and surrounding nature as the cars climb 3160 meters to the peak of Cerro Monserrate (10,367 feet). We will then walk trough the historical suburb of La Candelaria, with its old churches and cobblestoned streets, surrounded by colonial architecture, baroque churches art deco houses, and street art. We will visit Plaza Bolivar and its stunning Cathedral. We will also visit the Museo del Oro (The Gold Museum) to see the most iconic and amazing gold artifacts of Colombia, and Fernando Botero’s permanent exhibition at the Banco de la República. For lunch you will be on your own and provided with ample time to explore and sample the incredible tastes of the city. 
Transfer to the airport and Flight to Santa Marta in the afternoon.
Airport pick up and overnight at standard hotel in Santa Marta in the downtown. (B) 

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Day 3. Santa Marta- Adan

After meeting you at your hotel in Santa Marta at 815am, we will ride in a jeep for about 45 minutes on the highway. We will stop at a convenience store to buy snacks and drinks, and from there, we turn off the highway, up a dirt track into the mountains. After arriving in Machete, we will have lunch and then have a short swim to cool off. Then we hike a steep uphill grade for around 45 minutes before a long descent into the valley where the first campsite, is located

(B, L,D)  ½ day hiking to Adán – 7.6 km (4.7 mi) 1,900 ft ascent, 900 ft descent

Day 4. Santa Marta- Adan

The 15 kms/10 hours route starts along the Buritaca River, taking you further into the vivid green jungle past small villages en route to the evening campsite. We will walk uphill and across some beautiful terrain, including some local farms. After a jump in a swimming hole and lunch at Camp Site #2 we will continue to Paraiso Camp (Camp Site #3), located only 1km downhill from the Lost City. Today’s journey takes you through a varied landscape, deeper into the tropical jungle, across rivers and past a couple of Kogi villages. (B,L,D) 
14.7 km (9.1 mi) 3500 ft ascent, 2000 ft descent

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Day 5. The Lost City

We will wake up at about 530A.M so we can can set off at dawn and enjoy the Lost City in the softest light and coolest air possible. After a short walk from the campsite, we will reach the 1,200 stone stairs that ascend to the terraces of the city above.     Climbing the steps, we will reach the lower chambers of Teyuna, also known as The Lost City. It is believed that this was a capital city built by the Tayrona civilization in 800 A.D., approximately 600 years before the Incas built Machu Picchu in Peru. When conquistadores approached the structure in the 16th century, the Tayrona opted to abandon the city instead of allowing it to fall into Spanish hands.  After visiting the Lost City, we’ll return to El Paraiso (Campsite #3) for a quick lunch before returning to Campsite #2 for overnight. (B,L,D)
12 km (7.5 miles) 1800 ft ascent, 3500 ft descent

Day 6. Paraiso Camp- Santa Marta

We will start early again, since much of the trail is unshaded, and therefore becomes quite hot. After a stop for fruit at the first campsite and a jump in the swimming hole, we’ll find ourselves back where we began, in Machete, for lunch.  We will drive back to Santa Marta to end this exciting trek , arrival at about 330-430pm.   Overnight at standard hotel centrally located in Santa Marta. 
(B,L) ½ day hiking to El Mamey, Return to Santa Marta – 12.7 km (7.9 mi) 2200 ft ascent, 3000 ft descent.  

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Day 7. Playa Cristales

After Breakfast we drive to Playa Cristales in Tayrona National Park. Playa Cristales is known as one of the most beautiful beaches of Colombia, great location to set off for a snorkeling adventure, enjoy the sun, its turquoise waters and white sands. Return to Santa Marta will be at about 4pm.  Overnight at standard hotel.  

Day 8. Santa Marta- Cartagena

After breakfast we will get transferred to the bus station and head towards Cartagena for about 4 hours using local transportation.   Check in at standard hotel centrally located and leisure afternoon to explore one of the most iconic cities of the Caribbean. Go and explore on your own, visit the Convent La Popa, San Felipe Castle and the working-class district of Gestemani.   Overnight at Hotel Kartaxa or similar. (B) 

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Day 9. Isla Baru

Breakfast at the hotel. We drive out to Barú, a fishermen village in the Colombian-Caribbean, where we will interact with the local people living in a very original and authentic way.  You will get up close and personal with the genuine way of life of the people living there, in an intimate, unique, and unforgettable way. After that, we will take a scenic boat ride through a mangrove forest to reach Barú beach; a secluded, picturesque bay. There we will enjoy its pristine warm water and beautiful beaches. Next, we will visit Isletas, for lunch and relaxation by the beach. Last, before returning to Cartagena, we will visit the village again, go to the local museum, visit local houses, and relish in one of the most authentic, native, and awe-inspiring experience of Colombia.
Overnight at centrally located hotel in Cartagena (B, L) 

Day 10. Cartagena

Breakfast at the hotel. Leisure day on your own, no activities included. Overnight at Hotel Kartaxa or similar.  (B) 

Optional excursion    Playa Blanca-Corales del Rosario National Park Transfer to the tourist dock of Cartagena. Boat trip to Corales del Rosario National Park, you can witness a stunning 27 small coral island archipelago with turquoise and blue waters. We will navigate through the Cartagena Bay passing between the Bateria de San José and Fuerte de San Fernando Spanish forts. After that we will visit the Oceanarium Aquarium or snorkel for an hour and will go for a tasty lunch at Playa Blanca on Isla Barú. Boat ride back by 4pm to Cartagena’s dock. 

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Day 11 Cartagena de Indias- Salento

Early Breakfast and Transfer to the airport. Flight to Pereira. Airport pick up and drive to Salento, a colorful town located in the Andean Mountains of Colombia full of peaceful nature, impressive scenery and easy access to the Cocora Valley. Check in at local standard centrally located hotel, feel free to explore on your own, enjoy the local gastronomy, architecture, and handicrafts and return to your hotel when you like.  Overnight at standard hotel in town. (B) 

Day 11 Salento- Cocora Valley

After breakfast at the hotel you will visit the amazing Cocora Valley, inside Los Nevados National Natural Park home to the national tree and symbol of Colombia, the Quindío wax palm, these slender trees stand at an impressive 60 meters. In this 6 kilometers walk we will have a big chance of spotting the largest flying bird in the world, the Andean Condor as well as the Long Tailed Sylph Hummingbird and the Blue crowned Motmot . Lunch at local restaurant and visit to El Ocaso Coffee farm, here you will learn all about the coffee process: from the seed to the cup at an authentic coffee farm that goes beyond tradition. After this experience we will drive you back to Salento Plaza Hotel or similar.  (B,L) 

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Day 11 Salento-Bogota

Breakfast and drive to Pereira for your flight back to Bogota. Airport pick up and overnight at centrally located hotel. (B) 

Day 12 Salento-Bogota

Breakfast and drive to Pereira for your flight back to Bogota. Airport pick up and overnight at centrally located hotel. (B) 

Angel Falls
Angel Falls

Day 13 Salento-Bogota

Breakfast and drive to Pereira for your flight back to Bogota. Airport pick up and overnight at centrally located hotel. (B) 

Day 14 Bogota

Breakfast.  Transfer to the airport. (B) 

Angel Falls

Tour info

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Hiking shoes + River shoes + sandals with good tread and closed toes
Light cotton trousers, shorts, tee shirts, long-sleeved shirt
Rain protection (poncho) + Head protection – baseball cap, hat or scarf
Bathing suit + Microfiber fast drying towel
Sun protection / sun block + insect repellent
Small flash light and spare batteries (ideally a “free hands” head torch lamp)
Small backpack for daily essentials + plastic bag for wet clothes
Camera + memory cards and a spare battery.
Phone and Camera charger (110V for Venezuela)
Phone + Whatsapp application (add our number +58 414 3104491 beforehand)
Cash money (at least US$ 50 per person for every 2-3 days of travelling)

Download our checklist! 

Best time of the Year:  June -December

Roraima Best Season:  November- May.

Angel Falls:  June- January. 

Orinoco Delta: All year round 

Contact us for information of our different departures and prices. 
Range prices in this kind of tours go from US$ 80 to US$ 180 per person per day of tours, always depending on the numbers of participants and trip features. 


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Angel Falls & Orinoco:
Suitable for people of most ages who have a basic fitness level. Elevation gain of less than 800 meters and less than 12km of distance total per tour.
Reasonably fit hikers who get out at least once a month should be able to do this level. This level would be considered easy for frequent hikers. Elevation gain of 800~1,500 meters and a maximum distance of 15km in a day. ​

Private Vehicle, Boat, Airplanes.  
Read the itinerary for further details. 

Well selected tourist category hotels in between all destinations.
Angel Falls: Rustic / Hammock front of the falls.
Canaima Lagoon & Orinoco Delta: rustic with private bathroom and beds.
Roraima: Tents + Sleeping bag + Mat.

You will visit Canaima National Park, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO when touring in Angel Falls and Roraima and the Land of the Waraos in the Orinoco Delta. 

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