Is Venezuela a safe place to visit?

Visiting San Agustin ghetto with my friends Robert and Steven (Netherlands) Aug 2023

This is the question that every traveler asks themselves when thinking about Venezuela!

Every day I answer this question at least a couple of times. I understand my clients’ concerns when considering coming to a country that has gone through very difficult situations and that still remains negatively exposed in the news and social media. In reality, there is never any positive talk about my country, only chaos, death, crime, hunger, and blood for years, and perhaps even longer. In these brief lines, I present my point of view regarding security, at least since the year 2021.

Ben Rodriguez
Director & Founder Osprey Expeditions

Is it ok to visit Venezuela now?

I would like to make it clear that I do not perceive Venezuela as a highly secure country; however, I believe that it is not as dangerous as it used to be. If one employs common sense, visits national parks, relatively popular tourist destinations, engages in typical activities, avoids challenging fate with situations that may lead to problems, then one is unlikely to have an adverse experience in my country.

If you do not feel adequately prepared for Venezuela, perhaps it would be best to wait. The concept is that if you do come, you can fully enjoy our natural wonders and experience a great sense of peace, as that is the essence of travel.

If you feel inclined to visit my country, please reach out to me, and we can arrange a highly intriguing trip in Venezuela.

July 2023: 33 members of Club 100 from Sweden visited Angel Falls, Orinoco and Caracas. It was one of the best experiencies in almost 22 years of operations.

"The forbidden land of South America"

After the political crisis, Venezuela was put on the red list and it became “The forbidden land of South America”, a place you should not visit. Of course, traveling to Venezuela is not the easiest and even booking a flight ticket can be a struggle. But nature has not changed and there are several different ways to visit my country in a safe and fun way. Venezuela is more than ready to accept travelers and offers one of the best travel experiences ever. I have personally led a few overlanding group tours since July 2021 and the results were fantastic. All my clients found not only the exceptional nature but charming and authentic, very friendly local people. They have experienced the most famous destinations in Venezuela empty, without massive groups of tourists like in the other countries of the continent. Do you really want to have a genuine traveling experience, a true expedition? My country is the answer.

Our groups bring together like-minded people with a passion for traveling off the beaten track. They are very suitable for everyone, also for our clients, who are used to traveling independently. We always make sure to do our best at giving our group tours an independent feel as much as possible.

It is important to verify the date of the news articles when reading negative information about Venezuela. Additionally, when someone speaks negatively about Venezuela and questions whether they have visited the country, it is common for people to simply parrot what they have heard without personal experience.

I remember things were so bad and I felt so hopeless that I was considering to leave Venezuela and go somewhere else in June 2021. Ellis van Jason and his FPV drone viral video brought me back to the game! Thanks Ellis! Always grateful of you!

We have been receiving European clients since July 2021 when the country started opening again.

Super Famous Instagram and Youtube video creator from Argentina Uki Deane recently visited Venezuela (May 2023)

Super Famous Instagram and Youtube video creator from Argentina Uki Deane recently visited Venezuela (May 2023). I went to Angel Falls with him.
See his instagram here and check out all the updates:

Look at the amazing video he made about his Angel Falls experience + me as a guide!

Travel Guru & Influencer Alvaro Rojas also visited Venezuela and brought 5 groups with us! Yes... 5 groups!

Click on the link here:

Click here to see this Instagram post:  

Who is Alvaro Rojas?     Have a look at Alvaro Rojas Expeditions! 

His instagram is here: 

I must give all the credit to Alvaro, he believed in Venezuela when nobody gave even 1 cent for my country. Since he brought two groups in July 2021, it became easier to encourage travelers and agencies from Europe to explore the beauty of Venezuela. Furthermore, he continued his positive impact by organizing another group in March 2024. Thank you Alvaro!

Lucinda Lawrence- (UK) shares her experience in Caracas and Angel Falls

Does Caracas worth a visit? See what they say and make your own conclusions

More European clients talking about the "Most Dangerous City of the world"

Chelsie Kumar from Australia also visited Venezuela!

See her instagram. I took her out in Caracas. we explored my city and had a very good time.  Click here to see her instagram 

Malte Clavin (Germany): Journalist, National Geographic Photographer.

 I was his guide to Angel Falls and we had a great time. His pictures are simply great. Read his interesting articles about Venezuela 2022

Ajda Ster (Slovenia): Travel Agent- Instagrammer- Traveler

Ajda has visited Venezuela 3 times.  She has sent 3 groups of her company Gekko Potovanja. Click here to see her instagram

If after reading and watching all these videos you still think Venezuela is a No go place, please wait a bit more and come another time. We will always be here, our nature will remain amazing for many more years. But if you really want to come, please contact me asap!

An irish client made video about his Angel Falls Experience

Eamon Mealy from Ireland made a very descriptive video of his Angel Falls Experience with us!  

Super Famous Youotuber Kurt Caz also visited Venezuela in May 2024

Kurt Caz also visited Venezuela in May 2024.  He visited Catatumbo and spent a few days exploring the country.   We proudly arranged and ran the whole experience in Maracaibo Lake.  Watch the video here!