Llanos Wildlife Safari

This complex ecosystem is an amphibian world, permanently ordered by an intense regimen of rain and drought, incredibly beautiful and by far one of the most rewarding places to visit in Venezuela. Fish for Piranha, ride horseback and even catch anaconda in this vast and sparsely populated landscape of 300.000 kilometers of beauty, which is home to an enormous range of plants reptiles, birds, insects and mammals. Welcome to the Venezuelan Llanos!

Hato El Cedral

Visit one of the wildlife observation icons on earth; a “must do” for nature lovers, birdwatchers and animals enthusiasts. It has become a landmark for international researchers. The ranch is endorsed by institutions such as The National Geographic Society, BBC, Discovery Channel, The New York Zoological society, The London Zoo among others.
El Cedral is a world renowned for its exceptional display of wildlife and its unique landscape in 50.000 hectares of savannah, gallery forest, rivers, swamps and grass plains, perfect destination for the eco tourist seeking to experience nature in its purest form.
In this vast land two rivers cross a mosaic of wetlands, savannas and tropical forests: the Guaritico and Matiyure rivers where hundreds of species run freely undisturbed by man’s presence. The area is inhabited by Anacondas, Giant river otters, giant anteaters, white tailed deers, red howler monkeys, pink river dolphins, pumas, jaguars, crocodiles, caimans, Orinoco Crocodile, capybaras, piranhasand more than 344 different species of birds.


Day 1. Barinas to El Cedral

Early departure from Barinas where you will meet your guide and 3 hours car transfer to Hato El Cedral. After lunch we go for a walk around the lodge to get familiarized with the facilities, we will easily find Buff Necked Ibis, Jabiru and Maguari Stork nests. Up in the trees you will also find Red Howler Monkeys which are always active looking for fruits; you may encounter the Venezuelan Troupial (Venezuela’s national Bird) , Great Horned owl (not very active during the day), Scarlet Macaws, Giant Wrens and many more birds species. You will also find Iguanas that are quite familiar with people and Spectacle alligators, Llanos Tortoises refreshing in the water front of the lodge.
At 330pm you will ride a truck towards south of the ranch to spot more interesting species like Capybaras, White Tailed Deers, Anacondas, Giant Anteaters, Savanna Fox, Pumas and Orinoco Crocodiles. We will return to the lodge enjoying the sunset on the savanna.
Dinner and overnight at Campamento Matiyure in Hato El Cedral.

Day 2. El Cedral

Wake up with the sounds of birds who live around the lodge and enjoy a walk on your own with the sunrise. After breakfast we will go by truck to explore the west side of Hato El Cedral to spot anacondas, Crab eating racoons, Whistleing ducks, Red Scarlet Ibis, Glossy Ibis among other interesting species.
After a tasty lunch we will relax and get ready for the most exciting part of the tour which is the boat ride onto Matiyure river. We will go south to spot the rare Agami Heron in the gallery forest, we may also find the Giant Potoo sleeping on the top of a dead branch, the fascinating Hoatzin, Sunbitters and their flashy feathers, we will surely be followed by the Black Collared Hawk which expects to be fed with fresh piranhas that we will catch along the river, a few Yellow Headed Caracaras and the superb Black Buzzard Hawk. The Llanos Tortoises and Spectacle alligators will observe us from a distance and get fresh meat from us. The piranha fishing is just amazing as well as a mini Aligator’s feeding show.
We will return with an amazing sunset on the Matiyure river and wetlands while observing thousands of birds returning to their nests.
Dinner and overnight at Campamento Matiyure in Hato El Cedral.

Day 3. El Cedral to Barinas

After breakfast you will have leisure time to relax or / and go out in search of more wildlife. We can get you the boat trip in the morning which allows great shots with a different light. After lunch we will drive back to Barinas to complete this amazing Llanos experience.

Extra Day in El Cedral? Are you a photographer? Serious Birdwatcher? No problem! Let us know and we will make the itinerary to fit your needs.

Tour info


All meals as outlined (B,L,D).
English speaking native tour guides.
All land, boat and air transfers.
Five (5) nights in bedrooms with private bathroom in standard lodges.
1 night in hammock.

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Hiking shoes + River shoes + sandals with good tread and closed toes
Light cotton trousers, shorts, tee shirts, long-sleeved shirt
Rain protection (poncho) + Head protection – baseball cap, hat or scarf
Bathing suit + Microfiber fast drying towel
Sun protection / sun block + insect repellent
Small flash light and spare batteries (ideally a “free hands” head torch lamp)
Small backpack for daily essentials + plastic bag for wet clothes
Camera + memory cards and a spare battery.
Phone and Camera charger (110V for Venezuela)
Phone + Whatsapp application (add our number +58 414 3104491 beforehand)
Cash money (at least US$ 50 per person for every 2-3 days of travelling)

Download our checklist! 

Best time of the Year:  June -December

Roraima Best Season:  November- May.

Angel Falls:  June- January. 

Orinoco Delta: All year round 

Contact us for information of our different departures and prices. 
Range prices in this kind of tours go from US$ 80 to US$ 180 per person per day of tours, always depending on the numbers of participants and trip features. 


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Angel Falls & Orinoco:
Suitable for people of most ages who have a basic fitness level. Elevation gain of less than 800 meters and less than 12km of distance total per tour.
Reasonably fit hikers who get out at least once a month should be able to do this level. This level would be considered easy for frequent hikers. Elevation gain of 800~1,500 meters and a maximum distance of 15km in a day. ​

Private Vehicle, Boat, Airplanes.  
Read the itinerary for further details. 

Well selected tourist category hotels in between all destinations.
Angel Falls: Rustic / Hammock front of the falls.
Canaima Lagoon & Orinoco Delta: rustic with private bathroom and beds.
Roraima: Tents + Sleeping bag + Mat.

You will visit Canaima National Park, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO when touring in Angel Falls and Roraima and the Land of the Waraos in the Orinoco Delta. 

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