Margarita Island

Margarita Island
Margarita Island

We have a great plan for you in

Margarita Island

How about this?

We get you a flight from Caracas airport to Isla Margarita, we pick you up at the airport and get you to a very nice located posada (TripAdvisor Awarded).  From here you can either stay for a few days relaxing in the pool or simply walk to Playa El Yaque (barely 3 minutes by foot).
The minimum plan is 2 days.
Check below all the options Isla Margarita offers.

Kayak in La Restinga National Park

Discover isolated lagoons and secret passageways accessible only to paddlers — everybody’s favorite kayak nature tour, our La Restinga Eco Kayak Tour is the most popular kayak adventure in Venezuela. On this kayaking trip you’ll explore the many tidal channels and lagoons of uninhabited La Restinga Lagoon National Park

Happiness is not good enough for me, I demand euphoria.

Snorkeling in Los Frailes

Join us in a fantastic Snorkel and Beach Tour to Los Frailes islands, our tour takes you to a secluded cove only accessible by boat where the underwater sea life will amaze you with a variety of fish and colorful reef gardens.

Catamaran to Cubagua

This full-day excursion is an adventure for all ages. Explore the breathtaking sites of Cubagua Island, located located 16 kilometres southwest of Margarita Island. Relax and take in the most beautiful sea views while enjoying a delicious lunch at the beach with an open bar. There will also be time for mud therapy in natural locations. 

Margarita Island
Palm Tree Sunset

Horseback riding in Macanao

 Mount up on our beautiful gentle,
spirited well trained horses and explore breath-taking views of Macanao Peninsula.  Soak up the Caribbean Sun while enjoining the sights on the smoothest horses around.
Experienced guides will take you around beaches, xerophytic tropical vegetation and around hills with views to the Ocean and coasts.