Angel Falls

Orinoco Delta
Angel Falls

Embark on a eight-day expedition to Orinoco Angel Falls in Venezuela, a breathtaking journey through lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and encounters with indigenous communities. Experience the wonders of nature and rich cultural diversity on this unparalleled adventure, leaving you with lasting memories and a deep connection to this pristine wilderness.


Yellow & Blue Macaw
Water mirrors can be seen early in the morning
Waraos riding their canoe
Venezuela Tours
Our boat in a small tributary of the Orinoco
You can also relax in a hammock by the river

Day 1. 2. 3. Orinoco Delta

Flight to Puerto Ordaz and car drive to the Orinoco pier early on Day 1. 
Orinoco Delta, Piranha Fishing, Canoe ride onto the Orinoco River. Wildlife observation.
Visit to a Warao indigenous community. Jungle walk.
Overnight at Orinoco Queen Lodge in beds + private bathroom x 2 nights in Orinoco Delta. All meals and soft drinks included. 
Overnight in Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolivar on Day 3 at standard hotel, no dinner included. 

Day  Angel Falls Expedition
Flight to Canaima National Park on Day 4  in the morning.
All meals  (except Breakfast and Lunch on Day 4 /Dinner on Day 6). English speaking guide.
Boat trip onto Canaima lagoon and hike to Sapo Falls.
River expedition to the base of Angel Falls.
Accommodation in a hammock in front of Angel Falls for two (2) nights +
+ One (1)night in hammock at Mayupa Savanna or Ahonda Canyon. 
One night in bedrooms at basic lodge nearby Canaima lagoon. 
Flight out of Canaima National Park on Day 8 in the morning.  No lunch included.
End of services.  

Angel Falls Orinoco

It seems like you are interested in joining one of Venezuela's best combinations ever.
In this remarkable experience, we will visit the swamps of the Orinoco Delta, land of the Warao indigenous people with great wildlife observation opportunities (River Dolphins, Red Howler Monkeys, Toucans, Macaws and much more) and unique landscapes.
Angel Falls...we will do it in the "Old School" style: my way! Forget about those boring "lodge tours" that you nowadays find in instagram, let me get you deeper in nature and show the best around Auyan Tepui in Canaima National Park.

Are you in?

Join us!

We have great combinations with other superb destinations like Margarita Island, Roraima, Catatumbo, Caracas and more.  Click below and check all departures. 

Tour info

Read/ Download our “What to pack?” Checklist here

Best times of the Year:  

Angel Falls:  May-November. 
Orinoco Delta will never be a problem, it is great all year round.  Weather is constrantly changing and rain has never been a big deal. Please contact us and let’s find the best option for you. 

Our blog says it all! Click here! 

Angel Falls 
Suitable for people of most ages who have a basic fitness level. Elevation gain of less than 800 meters.

Orinoco Delta: very easy. Longest hike 30 minutes in flat muddy terrain. 

Wooden motorized canoe in the excursions with a 48 HP Yamaha engine. 

Commercial flights from / to Caracas are in an Embraer 190 for 120 passengers.  

Departures only on Thursdays and Sundays. 
Different schedules:  830am / 1030am / 1230pm
We include flights in all our deals. You will not find them online. 
5 kilos as hand luggage + check in bags 20 kilos 

Flights can vary anytime so please take this only as a reference. 

Flight over Angel Falls  by helicopter
Only to be arranged and paid in Canaima lagoon.
Minimum of 4 passengers per flight. The whole flight costs from US$ 1900 to US$ 2200.
About 1 hour or more flight. Please take these rates as a reference, they can fluctuate anytime.  

Our clients always ask/ we answer: 

Is the helicopter tour worthy? 
A. Yes! It is a lifetime experience. 
Why is the helicopter tour so expensive? 
A.  Canaima National Park is a remote place. Venezuela is still going under some difficulties and fuel can be a big issue plus they have no competitors / not too many pilots available (they all fled overseas during our crisis) , etc, etc. 
Can you include it in the tour? 
A. Yes! 
I am traveling alone! I don’t want to pay for the full helicopter. What can I do? 
A. Get to Canaima, ask our guide and he will do his best to find others. Once the group is completed you can split expenses. We will do our best to help. 

Orinoco Delta:

Private car transfers

Glass Fiber boat with 150 HP Out of boards. 

Well selected tourist category hotels/lodges  in between all destinations.
Angel Falls: Rustic / Hammock front of the falls.

Orinoco Delta:  Wooden rustic lodge with beds and mosquito nets + private bathroom.  



  • Accommodation
    Angel Falls: 3 nights in shelter camps with hammock + 1 night in basic lodge / bedrooms and private bathroom

    Orinoco:  2 nights in rustic wooden lodge in bedrooms with mosquito nets and private bathroom. 

    Travel by Private vehicles, foot, boat, Flights x 3

    As outlined in the itinerary (B,L,D)

    Excursions & Activities
    Angel Falls River Expeditions+ Canaima Lagoon + Sapo Falls and/or Hacha Falls + All Transfers IN & OUT

    Boat trips in the Orinoco Delta, hike in the jungle. As outlined in the itinerary. 

  • Gratuities
    International and domestic air tickets to the gateways of Canaima
    Travel insurance (mandatory)
    Alcoholic and soft drinks
    Spending money – budget for meals, snacks, drinks,
    limited souvenirs, laundry, tips and any extras

    National Park fee in Canaima US$ 40


Orinoco Angel Falls

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