With over 20 years experience no-one knows Venezuela like we do.


Ben Rodriguez found the inspiration for launching his own unique nature tours company in April 2002.

"I never knew my expertise and years "on the road" guiding nature tours in Venezuela would become a powerful asset to get people’s attention and interest to join my trips"

Osprey Expeditions starts on April 23rd 2002… 12 days after the beggining of the Venezuelan political crisis known as “11 de Abril”.  Back then I was unemployed and selling tours off the streets of Caracas mainly for backpackers who started their tour in my country or around South America. Big airlines used to land here, British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM and many more, we did not even suspect what was about to happen to one of the best economies of the american continent. 

I spent 8 years traveling as a Nature Tours guide in different places of Venezuela like Canaima National Park, Orinoco, Llanos, Henri Pittier National Park, all the Eastern region, I think I was very lucky for all the opportunities I got during those days. I never knew my expertise and years “on the road” guiding nature tours would become a powerful asset to get people’s attention and interest to join my trips.  I look back at those days and I am definitely convinced it was worthy, fun, interesting and the base of all what Osprey Expeditions is today.”

Osprey's goal has remained the same since 2002: give fun, secure and unique tours offering once in a lifetime experiences at reasonable prices.

Traveling in Venezuela 2023

After the political crisis, Venezuela was put on the red list and it became “The forbidden land of South America”, a place you should not visit. Of course, traveling to Venezuela is not the easiest and even booking a flight ticket can be a struggle. But nature has not changed and there are several different ways how to visit my country in a safe and fun way. Venezuela is more than ready to accept travelers and offers one of the best travel experiences ever. I have personally led a few overlanding group tours since July 2021 and the results were fantastic. All my clients found not only the exceptional nature but charming and authentic, very friendly local people. They have experienced the most famous destinations in Venezuela empty, without massive groups of tourists like in the other countries of the continent. Do you really want to have a genuine traveling experience, a true expedition? My country is the answer. 
Our groups bring together like-minded people with a passion for traveling off the beaten track. They are very suitable for everyone, also for our clients, who are used to traveling independently. We always make sure to do our best at giving our group tours an independent feel as much as possible. 


From the first time you contact us to the moment you return, we provide a high level of honest and personal customer service, with our customers' wants and needs a priority for us.


We know our country back to front. You gain access to over 20 years of experience, know-how and expertise, you won't find more commited and enthusiastic travel experts in Venezuela.


We make sure you get the best value for your money. We are constantly monitoring all our destinations to ensure a satisfactory level of quality and a great experience.


When you book a tour with Osprey we guarantee that things will work out efficiently during your visit so you can enjoy Venezuela big time.

Why is Osprey Expeditions a succesful company?

I think the main reason is that we deliver what we offer to our customers; when you book a tour with Osprey we guarantee that things will work out efficiently during your visit so you can enjoy Venezuela big time. I personally select my team, I am a good friend of all of them and quite demanding at the mean time. I was a tour guide for 8 years and very lucky to get to travel all over Venezuela so my collaborators and associated knew me well as an enthusiastic and responsible tour guide and now as a friendly and demanding business man. My knowledge of tours and destinations don’t only come from books and school but the experience on the field.  I know very well the importance of a good reputation and a well recognized company . I just want you to get the best impression of my country, not only of its natural beauties but also of a 100% venezuelan company as your travel partner.


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