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Frequently asked questions about Los Roques tours

A.  It depends on the accommodation category and the dates you are planning to travel.  
Return flight ticket costs between US$ 250 and US$ 345 per person
Accommodation from US$ 80 per person in a budget posada, including 3 meals per night.  Superior posadas can be around US$ 250 per person per night

Boat tours from US$ 20 per person and prices go higher according to the distance from Gran Roque.

A. 10 kilos in total, including hand luggage!  Aircrafts are small and airlines are not flexible at all. 


A. Yes, they do!  But keep in mind that Los Roques is a remote archipelago and communications are not very efficient everyday.  Cash is king, especially notes of small denomination! 


A. We advise 3 or 4 days maximum.  2 days is too short, 5 days is just too long.  According to our clients, 3-4 days is the best length of stay. 


A. No, we don’t. Once we have information about it we will add it to our site. 

A. Yes, you can!
Bring your tent + Mat and there is a camping spot in Gran Roque.
We don’t do bookings or sell spaces. We are just informing what we have heard from other clients.

A. Absolutely! It is one of the best in the Caribbean.
A diving day costs around US$ 125 per person including 2 diving sessions + equipment + Diving Master.

A. No, you can’t! 
You always must land in Caracas and connect with a different airline and do the whole check in process. 

A. No, despite what you read on the internet, the Margarita Los Roques flight does not exist in 2022.  You always have to fly via Caracas. 

A. Yes, we can! But let’s be frank, you can arrange your own tours once you get there. 
It is easy! Pay on spot! Don’t bargain, they won’t buy it!  You will have fun! 

A. Yes, you can!  We just have to say that the beach in Gran Roque is not the best. You will find plenty of boats moored in the beaches all around. 

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