Venezuelan tourist visa for USA Citizens 2024

Is it really impossible to get a visa to visit Venezuela? It looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Mexico City seems to be the key.

Before reading, important to let you know that:

1) We are not an agency for visas to Venezuela. Such service does not exist as far as I know.
2) We don’t have any “contacts” or internal influence, we don’t even want to try!
3) We are only making it easier for all the US & Canada citizens who are willing to visit Venezuela (hopefully with us! haha)
4) We are only a small nature tours company in Venezuela with 22 years of expertise!

Please don’t insist! We cannot help with visas! 

Dominican Republic a new location for the visa? Really? I recently found this in Youtube and I extracted the main ideas of their whole explanation. They made the video only in Spanish. December 2023

Here’s how Theodore Travis, a resident of Tampa, FL, successfully obtained his visa through the Venezuelan Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

Choosing the Embassy
The first step is to choose a Venezuelan embassy to process your visa. Theodore and his Venezuelan wife chose the embassy in the Dominican Republic due to its quick response time and the availability of direct flights from Orlando. They communicated with the embassy via Instagram and email to get detailed information about the process. Note that you need to travel to the Dominican Republic to collect the visa from this embassy.

Requirements for the Venezuelan Embassy in the Dominican Republic
To apply for a tourist visa at the Venezuelan Embassy in the Dominican Republic, you will need to gather the following documents:

1. Bank statements from the last 3 months.
2. Employment letter: This letter must be signed by your employer and should include your salary, the date you started working there, and your position.
3. Police record: You can find out how to obtain this by searching online. Theodore paid $20 to expedite this process.
4. Copy of your passport: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months.
5. Two 2×2 inch photos with a white background.
6. Accommodation letter: A letter stating where you will be staying during your visit to Venezuela.
Theodore noted that the embassy’s website lists round-trip tickets as a requirement. However, he found that the accommodation letter was sufficient for applying for the visa.

By following these steps, Theodore Travis was able to secure his visa without major complications. It is important to note that the requirements may vary depending on the embassy. Therefore, when choosing the embassy of your preference, you should check their website for the most up-to-date list of necessary documents.

I managed to get in touch with an officer from the Venezuelan Consulate in Mexico and this is very fresh and useful information. June 2023

I had a pleasant phone conversation with a friendly officer from the Consulate of Venezuela in Mexico City. They were verifying the information provided by clients who are currently applying for a visa. During our discussion, I gathered valuable information that can greatly assist you in obtaining the visa successfully.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

1) Contact the Consulate exclusively through email at  . It would be helpful to include “Visa to Visit Venezuela” along with the corresponding month and year in the email subject line.

2) The Consulate will promptly send you all the necessary documentation required, such as bank statements, an employer’s letter, and passport details.

3) You can easily send all the required information via email. You can simply scan your passport and attach the files. This method is much more convenient than before!

4) The initial part of the process typically takes around 4-5 weeks. During this time, the Consulate carefully organizes and categorizes the various correspondence received, including inquiries from tourists, Venezuelan nationals, new passports, and other documents.

Approximately one week after receiving all your documentation, the Consulate will reach out to you to schedule an interview. The language of the interview, whether in English or Spanish, is not yet confirmed. Additionally, the Consulate will also contact your employer during this stage.

The entire process usually lasts around 6 weeks, from start to finish.



I recently made contact with a US citizen who got his visa approved to visit Venezuela in Aug 2022.

He obtained his visa in the Consulate of Mexico City, Mexico.
I have heard at least from 3 different travelers that this can be the most effective way to get the Tourist visa in Venezuela for US citizens.
If you are an EU citizen you don’t need visas. If you are Canadian, you can apply at the Ottawa Consulate of Venezuela.

I will not reveal his name and phone number, he will probably get crazy with the amount of people asking, however I tried to put as much information as possible and I will be adding more within the following weeks, also based on the feedback of other travelers plus my personal research.
I will call him Joe in this post.

This is the transcript of our whatsapp conversation:

Joe:  Hey Ben, I heard you wanted to know more about the process for Americans getting the tourist visa for Venezuela
Do you know anyone in Mexico City? You have to apply in person but if you could have a courier there to submit the documents then you might be able to get American tourists. After you drop off the documents, it takes 4-6 weeks. Then the applicant needs to visit Mexico City in person to get the visa in their passport. I hope this information helps, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out

Ben: Yes, thanks! I have got a few questions…
Do they all have to go in person? Or they can use a courier service from the USA?

Joe:  I had to visit the embassy twice (once on June 20 and again on August 1).
If you had a courier for the documents then you would only need to visit once which would be much easier
I know for Step 1 you can use a courier, but when actually obtaining the visa 6 weeks later I’m not sure. However, since you are unable to book flights directly from the USA to Venezuela you might be able to convince clients to go to Mexico first, then buy flights from MEX-CCS

Ben: So they can send documents via courier, 4-6 weeks, and then they personally go to collect the passport?

Joe: Yes!
For Step 2 you do need the physical passport, which would need to be mailed to the courier. It might be easier for the tourists to just go themselves
The passport is not required for step 1, only copies of the passport and other paperwork. For step 2 passport is required
The good thing is that all documentation required for step 1 could be sent to the courier electronically

Ben: …I see!
So, they send copies + all documents in Step 1
Step 2 they must attend in person to obtain the visa and fly out.
They prepare all docs, send it electronically to the courier in Mexico City ?

Joe: Correct!
Yes! All of these can be sent via email
I actually just went myself twice.
It might be hard to convince clients to go to Mexico City twice, but since I’m such a hardcore traveler and wanted to go to Venezuela so badly I thought it was worth it!

To visit Venezuela you must apply for a Tourist Visa.

Read directly from the Official Website here:

Tourist Visa (T)
It will be granted to foreigners who enter the country for recreation or leisure, health or activities that do not involve remuneration or profit.

The requirements are

Original and copy of the passport with a minimum validity of six (6) months.
Document proving your residence in the country of origin.
Two (2) recent photos (front, color and passport size).
Bank letter (indicating date of opening of the account, number and balance)
Work letter (working time, position and salary)
Copy of real estate, commercial, business, mercantile or industrial property records (if applicable)
Photocopy of the ticket to and from Venezuela.
Medical certificate issued by the health authority of the country of origin.
Hotel reservation or notarized letter of invitation.
Proof of payment of the corresponding consular fee.

Note: The cost of the consular fee must be consulted at the Diplomatic or Consular Representation.

Where is the Consulado de Venezuela en Ciudad de México?

Embajada de Venezuela
Schiller No. 326, Chapultepec Morales, Polanco V Secc, Ciudad de México, CDMX, México

They don't answer the phone or answer emails...crazy!

If you read the reviews, that is one of the most frequent complaints.

They seem to be efficient if you do it like Joe did.

I found these reviews on their Google Business page:

“The public servants surely do their very best to attend to a big number of citizens coming from North and Central America! Congratulations for your hard work!”

“Popped in on a daytrip from California to pick up my tourist visa. Dropped off my passport at 9am and picked it up at 2pm the same day. The staff was AWESOME- super helpful, nice and professional. Highly recommend anyone looking to visit Venezuela to get their visa from this embassy.”

“Friendly services, but time consuming”

“Excellent staff, very friendly, professional and efficient… My experience in particular was very pleasant with a highly qualified, prepared and efficient staff. When it comes to clarifying any doubt, they do it clearly and concisely. Overall very grateful”

:The staff provides exceptional treatment, respectful and with a great attitude of service. My recommendation is that you arrive as early as possible so that you can do the process calmly. In my case, I arrived from 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m., to be one of the first and prevent the system from crashing. To obtain the passport, you must carry the passport appointment form (printed) along with a copy of the identity card or passport. The payment forms were not asked for. Success to all!”

Let me know about your experience! I want to update this blog post as frequent as possible.

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  1. First, great post! Thank you. 🙂 Question: do you have the contact information of any of the couriers that we may use for Step 1?

  2. Good Evening, This information is amazing, Thank you so much for sharing. I have finally gotten all the information they have requested on the list. What I do not see is the EMAIL for the Embassy In Mexico.. I have been trying to look all over and I cannot find it. Could you help me and send me there email so that I may start the process.. I currently have my trip booked to Venezuela January 7th So I am hoping to be approved and have my Tourist Visa by then. I am from Orlando, Florida. I hope they do not deny me because I am American.. I would love to go on one of you tours if I am approved for this Tourist Visa..

  3. Thank you SO much for this information, which I know is difficult to get! Do you by any chance know the duration of the tourist visa? So good for 3 months after stamped in your passport, 6months? Thanks again!

    1. I think it is like 3 months! I am about to launch a new blog post with very fresh information as I just had a Canadian client who succeeded with the visa and the process is exactly the same. I will add it very soon.

  4. Indeed your post is very helpful. Thank you for being so detail-oriented. Finding out information on getting the visa is like searching for a needle in the haystack. In one of the comments above, the person from California submitted in the morning and picked up the visa in the evening. That would be the most ideal case scenario for everyone wanting a Vz visa. The fact that we have to go in person is ridiculous where the rest of the world is doing e-visas. How much is the consulate fees, and should we make a money order for it in advance? Another thing I had read online was that you have to apply online for an FMM (which is a type of e-visa) to enter Mexico. It is normally granted in 2 hours online but something that has to be done. Do you know if that is true? I can’t wait to read your latest blog on the Canadians who successfully got their Vz visa.

  5. Great article! Does it still take 4-6 weeks for the process? My best friend from the US has been living in CDMX for years. She might be a great asset to your company or any travelers wanting to go through the initial stages of this. Thanks for all the good info and see you all in Venezuela!

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