Where is Angel Falls?

The spectacular Angel Falls in Canaima National Park in south-eastern Venezuela are the highest free-falling waterfalls in the world, with a drop of almost one kilometre. An expedition to this remote jungle location requires travelling by plane, boat and on foot.

Angel Falls, also known as Kerepakupai Meru (which means “waterfall of the deepest place”) and Churun Meru, is a waterfall located in Canaima National Park in Bolívar State, Venezuela. The falls are 979 ft tall, making it the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall. The falls are accessible by plane from Caracas or by boat from Canaima Lagoon. The waterfall was named “Angel” by Jimmie Angel, an American aviator who discovered the falls in 1933 while flying over Venezuela.

Orinoco Angel Falls