Angel Falls

7 days

Rappelling in
Angel Falls
7 days

Rappel down the tallest waterfall of the world in this amazing and unique adrenaline booster experience.
Our itinerary starts in Caracas where we catch the flight to Canaima National Park, from there we will get immersed deep in one of the oldest regions of the earth surrounded by dense jungle, waterfalls, ancient rock formations known as Tepuis + joined by a very professional and experienced team.

7 days

Rappelling Angel Falls

-You need One (1) week or 7 full days for this experience, no way we can make it any shorter.

-Basic experience with ropes, rappelling and canyoning is necessary.

-Groups of maximum 8 people.

-English Speaking guides.

-Includes Helicopter ride to the top with great views of Auyan Tepui.

-Angel Falls Expedition is part of the itinerary.

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