San Agustin Tour

San Agustin Tour

San Agustín,  located in the heart of Caracas, is becoming the cultural district of the city. With a population of 47,000 inhabitants, it possesses a unique identity derived from its rich origins and cultural mix. Residents have chosen to open the doors of their neighborhood to visitors, aiming to leave a positive impression on those who explore it. It’s much more extensive than it appears, with hidden gems behind its colorful houses.

San Agustín defies the standards of architecture that once aspired to be modern. In the mid-20th century, Venezuela solidified itself as an oil-producing nation, and the massive migration from rural areas to the city transformed Caracas into the bustling metropolis it is today, while San Agustín acquired its distinctive personality during those decades.

The majority of migrants arriving from the interior or coastal regions settled in the southern part of the parish, creating a predominantly Afro-descendant population that marked the neighborhood as the epicenter of salsa, music, and the capital’s culture.

Thanks to its unique idiosyncrasy, San Agustín residents, many of whom are musicians, dancers, or artists, joined forces to highlight their neighborhood as a key tourist destination in Caracas. They aimed to share it with both visitors from the Venezuelan capital and the city’s own residents, dispelling myths about popular areas often avoided due to unwarranted stigmas of crime and violence.

This tour is one of the rawest, most authentic, and positive experiences in Caracas. What you’re going to see is part of the reality of Latin America. We are very proud to support our friends in San Agustin and grateful because all our customers leave very happy.