Harpy Eagle




Orinoco Delta
Harpy Eagle

Encounter world’s most powerful bird of prey.

This majestic bird of prey is on the wish-list of most nature lovers.  We will take you to an active nest where they can reliably be seen for a period of time as the parents regularly visit the nest in the early stages and then the juvenile remains close to the nest for up to a year! 

Sorry, we don't reveal locations. We want to keep this experience as authentic as possible. Nowadays this can easily get viral.

This experience can be taken in 2 or 3 days and you need to catch a flight to this region. We will provide all transfers, accommodation in a local posada or even camping, expert guides, meals and a very safe experience. 

We will let you know how to combine this experience with other tours in Venezuela so you can enjoy your time in a very efficient way.