Kamarata Valley

3 days

Kamarata Valley
3 days

Visit the unknown side of the Gran Sabana by the foothill of the Auyan Tepuy. This experience is a combination of cultural interaction, hiking, swimming and lot more. Simply a great combination of two still unknown places of Canaima National Park. This experience actually runs in the Gran Sabana by the southern foothill of the Auyan Tepuy and can only be reached by plane, that makes it more authentic and gets you inmersed in the Valley of the Lost World.


Kamarata Valley
Eastern Venezuela

Day 1. Canaima Lagoon- Uruyen

Flight on a light plane for one hour to Uruyén in the South of Auyan tepui, landing on the same landing strip where both Jimmie Angel and Ruth Robertson set up base camps before their respective expeditions. Jimmie first discovered Angel Falls (in 1935) and Ruth later (May 1949) proved they were the tallest in the world. Spectacular overflight of Angel Falls included (weather permitting). Afternoon hike of about 1 hour to Yurwan Canyon and local waterfalls with indigenous Pemón guides. Overnight at the Pemón lodge of Uruyén in beds. (L,D)

Day 2. Uruyen-Kavac

After a tasty breakfast with the first views of the Auyan Tepuy we will start our 10 kilometers hike to Kavac through the jungle, savannah and two different rivers we find on our way. We will find Santa marta, a 80 inhabitants Pemon village that lives on agriculture and fishing before we arrive to Kavac. After lunch we will relax and hike to the Kavac cave with a short stop at the Lovers pool;  we will swim into the cave which is one of the most magical experiences of Canaima National Park, inside we will find Kavac Falls where we can swim and get nice pictures with the light that goes in through the top of this grotto. We will stop at Tebanarempa Falls and hike back to our lodge.   Dinner will be perfect time to  relax and get ready for the following day. (B,L,D)

Day 3. Kavac-Canaima Lagoon

After breakfast we will have an exploration hike to La Toma trail to overlook the inmense Kamarata Valley and wait for our flight out to Canaima Lagoon. 

Tour info

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Best times of the Year:  

Angel Falls:  May-November. 
Orinoco Delta will never be a problem, it is great all year round.  Weather is constrantly changing and rain has never been a big deal. Please contact us and let’s find the best option for you. 

Llanos:  October – April. 
Catatumbo:  October- December

Our blog says it all! Click here! 

Our blog says it all! Click here! 

Angel Falls 
Suitable for people of most ages who have a basic fitness level. Elevation gain of less than 800 meters.

Orinoco Delta: very easy. Longest hike 30 minutes in flat muddy terrain. 

Llanos: easy

Catatumbo:  very easy

Caracas:  very easy

Andes:  easy. We will have a hike at about 3600 meters above the sea level but it won’t be hard at all. 



Angel Falls

Airport and hotel pick ups in Private Vehicle,
Wooden motorized canoe 
Small airplanes for 6-18 passengers.


Well selected tourist category hotels/lodges  in between all destinations.
Angel Falls: Rustic / Hammock front of the falls.
Canaima Lagoon:  standard lodge with private bathroom and beds.

Andes:  local posadas lodge with beds + private bathroom.  

Llanos:  Bedrooms with private bathroom and air conditioning. 

Catatumbo:  Hammocks on a stilt house, share bathroom. Quite rustic and not very comfortable. One night here is enough.

Caracas: standard tourist category hotel with private bathroom in a nice and safe area in town. 




  • Accommodation

    Travel by Private vehicles, foot, boat, Flights x 4

    As outlined in the itinerary (B,L,D)

    Excursions & Activities

  • Gratuities
    International and domestic air tickets to the gateways of Canaima
    Travel insurance (mandatory)
    Alcoholic and soft drinks
    Spending money – budget for meals, snacks, drinks,
    limited souvenirs, laundry, tips and any extras

    National Park fee in Canaima US$ 20

    PCR Test is mandatory wth negative result 48 hours prior the Angel Falls Expedition. 

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