Orinoco Delta

Orinoco Delta

One of the most comprehensive experiences available in Venezuela is to revel in the exceptional surroundings of the Orinoco Delta swamps, encompassed by lush, dense forests that are home to a diverse array of fascinating wildlife, including Red Howler Monkeys, Toucans, Hoatzins, Caimans, Giant River Otters, snakes, and many more. The Waraos communities will offer you an insight into their way of life in the middle of nowhere, making this an unparalleled adventure.


Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! We’ll journey to Uracoa pier and take a boat into the jungle to our Orinoco Queen Lodge . As we explore the lush rainforest, you’ll see a stunning array of plants and animals, from pink dolphins to anacondas. We’ll visit Warao Indigenous villages, see their amazing raised dwellings over the river, and taste some edible plants and juicy grubs with our Warao guide. After a delicious dinner, we’ll relax under the stars. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

Orinoco Delta
Red Howler Monkeys on relaxing on the top of a tree
Orinoco Delta
Warao people in a Canoe

Day 2. Orinoco Delta

Embark on a morning adventure navigating the Orinoco river to spot the diverse species that call it home, from river dolphins and spectacled caiman to capuchin and red howler monkeys. Enjoy lunch at the camp before exploring Warao villages and palafitos lining the riverbanks to learn about the culture and daily life of the community. Meet some of the craftsmen and see their workmanship firsthand. End the day with a delicious meal and perhaps some local rum or beers. Don’t forget to ask your guide!

Day 3. Orinoco Delta- Maturin

This morning you will be taken out to a quiet spot in the river to do some Piranha fishing and after lunch we travel by river one last time to Uracoa pier and drive up to Maturin. 

Orinoco Delta
Water Buffalos visiting a Warao Community

Tour info

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Best times of the Year:  

Orinoco Delta: will never be a problem, it is great all year round. 

Weather is constrantly changing and rain has never been a big deal. Please contact us and let’s find the best option for you. 

Orinoco Delta Interesting Facts

20 amazing animals of Orinoco Delta 


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Orinoco Delta

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Orinoco Delta: very easy. Longest hike 30 minutes in flat muddy terrain. 

Orinoco Delta:

Private car/bus transfers 

Glass Fiber boat with 48 HP Out of boards. 

Commercial flights from / to Caracas are in an Embraer 190 for 120 passengers.  

Flights can vary anytime so please take this only as a reference. 



  • Accommodation
    2 night(s) in Lodge / ​bedrooms with private bathroom​

    Travel by Private vehicles, foot, boat. 

    As outlined in the itinerary (B,L,D)

    As outlined in the program


  • Gratuities
    Travel insurance (mandatory)
    Alcoholic and soft drinks
    Spending money – budget for meals, snacks, drinks,
    limited souvenirs, laundry, tips and any extras

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